85 thru May 3

How much will you miss HR Derby?







If  a safe, workable way can be found The Derby will be resurrected

Many people suggested using PayPal. Here is their policy: Prohibits the following activities, even when the specific activity  is lawful and/or is not legally defined as gambling, unless the transactions are associated with an approved merchant.

Games of chance and games of skill — includes any activity with  an entry fee and a prize, regardless of whether the outcome is determined by chance or skill.

The Derby is something I look forward to every year.

… Joe L

So sad to see it end. It was fun to play. I have fond memories of finishing first in the Hockey Points Pool.

… Mike N

I have thoroughly enjoyed being in HR Derby for almost 20 years and was devastated when the email about the end was received.  It will not feel like a baseball season without The Derby.

… Edward P

I only watched baseball because of HR Derby so I probably won’t watch any games this season.

… Kenneth M

Now I’m down to the Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown races.

I suppose I could always find NASCAR.

… Peter S

I will sorely miss it as I have played for over 20 years.  … Clayton P

Say it ain’t so… Is it really over? That’s heartbreaking! My kids and I love the release of the Entry Sheets. They each get to fill out 2 or 3 sheets. My wife even fills one out.

… Jason H

Definitely a bummer. My dad in Chicago joined around 1989 and paid for my entry when I was a kid living in Iowa. Through the years I had a couple of buddies sign up under their dad’s names. Fast forward a few years my Dad passed away and we all kind of lost touch with The Game. About five years ago, out of the blue one of those buddies googled Wayne Giza Home Run Derby and informed me about it. So after a decade long absence we all joined again. And last season my son got to select his own players. I am sure we are not unique but three generations of our family have played in HR Derby. It will always be near and dear to me.

… John M

Want to say how sorry I am to see HR Derby go.It brought years  of fun and enjoyment even in the years I didn’t cash!

… Jim B

Say it ain’t so! … Joseph C

If it’s the end I’m going to miss it… Laura M

I’ve only been playing for half a dozen years but will miss it… Mark M

Ask a long time participant, over 25 years, I was looking forward to another challenge and terribly disappointed. Hoping for a ‘save’.

… Jim H

Please say it ain’t so. I, and others, look forward to HR Derby every year.

… Mark W

I have played it for a very long time and enjoyed it greatly.  … Clay

What a bummer. This is painful for a multitude of reasons.

… Levi P

Well that sucks!  … Jeff S

Thanks for running this for so long.   I remember starting this with my roommates when you started.   My son has enjoyed doing this with me for the last 15 years.   I never could beat him!   We will miss this!   Thanks again for giving all of us a reason to check the box scores in the morning. … Nick G

Thank you for many years of enjoyment; the baseball season just won't be the same without HR Derby. … Jack A

Baseball don't mean a thing without The Derby… Kenneth M

Miss it already, so sad. I think I have played since near inception.

It was the reason to check the box scores nearly every day. 

… David G

Thanks again for a lot of fun years. …  Jim B

More cancel culture!!! Just what we need, can’t even have a little fun at the expense of no one!!!! …  John & Linda D

That sucks. … Eddie S Sr

As someone who has been a HR Derby participant, since its inception, I will truly miss the annual ritual of filling out my

HR Derby sheets at the start of the MLB Baseball season!  

HR Derby was a ritual of Spring that will be truly missed!!

… Perry M

Back to just boring baseball. Derby was big fun. … David M

Sorry to hear of the end of Home Run Derby..Please come back to the five and dime Jimmy Dean!! … Gary P

Well, this is a drag.  I had one great year - the first I entered.  

I’ve played this half my adult life....great memories. … Ed M

Will truly miss the HR Derby as I have been playing it for about 30 years.   It was always a reason to check out the box scores nightly.

… David R

I really liked playing Home Run Derby. I found myself following box scores every day with a vested interest. By checking box scores again I was following the whole sport of baseball again instead of focusing on just one team. I will miss it greatly. … Rick K

This summe r will not be the same. I was in HR DERBY since 1989.

… Mike S

This was one of the coolest pools I've ever been in. Will miss it forever. … Luis R

Once again, if the higher powers want you silenced (Shut down) they will win. Lynn K

Going to miss this HR Derby Pool a lot. I was glued to the progress of the groups and even manually would track daily over the past few years when I had good sheets in the running. I had played for over 20 years and it will be a boring season without it- plus my Indians aren’t gonna be that good this year either!…Oops Guardians…. Nah- they’ll always be the Indians.  … Jim K

Thru May 3, 2022

By early April football related winnings distributed via PayPal were completed

and all mailed checks had been cashed.

And so far I am not behind bars!

Thanks for the many encouraging emails that have been received. But the difficult decision to end HR Derby after 34 seasons is now final. My bank struggles have intensified as another financial institution has closed our personal family account. And since it is impossible to exist without one my fight now becomes trying to reestablish that account.

I received many suggestions on how to continue. Most popular suggestion was PayPal. There are a couple of problems with that. Bookkeeping is one. Matching PayPal transactions to entries would be challenging. But more important is that PayPal does not allow its use for ‘gambling’. I know this because several years ago my account was frozen when it was suspected of being used for football pool payouts. Getting that resolved was a long and tedious process.

It was also suggested that many different banks be tried, including the advertised online services. I have been turned down by numerous institutions. I suspect that is because my original bank reported me to a service called ChexSystems which banks refer to when an attempt is made to open an account. 

And there is another problem with an online bank,            I make a physical deposit each Saturday as Derby Sheets are entered. In a typical week I could enter about 1,000 sheets. That means several hundred checks to be deposited. That would be impossible             to do by making mobile deposits by phone.

A few people suggested a service called League Safe which does not actually operate fantasy leagues but serves as a collection agency for fees and processes payments to winners. This was interesting and they say they can handle the numbers HR Derby generates. But my concern was once again bookkeeping. I envision matching up payments received to entries as being a monumental and time consuming task, So while it seems like a possibility I don’t think it would work.

This has been an agonizing decision that makes me both sad and happy. I am proud of what HR Derby has become over more than three decades of play. And believe the website has developed during its short existence. I will truly miss The Game and the many of you who I feel that I know. But I will also be happy to regain the seemingly endless hours it took the enter sheets in the spring and the time it took to generate Reports throughout the season.

Please feel free to

contact me

with your thoughts.

To those of you out there

who operate games

I say “be careful”.

This is a nightmare

you do not want to live!

February 15 Burt Constable

tells us that there are

55 legal online gambling services

in the United States according to

The only thing that's keeping me remotely interested in MLB.

…Sotero E

After the lockout it would have given me a reason to watch baseball. … Lee S

Will probably get a lot more sleep not having to checout the new chiicks on Quick Pitch every night  .. Norm W

Been doing it since 1991. Miss it horribly. … Scott N

HR Derby will be sorely missed by myself and many of my co-workers. it is so sad since i have played this contest for over 20years. … Clayton PMLB with HR Derby is like attending a family holiday without booze  … Matt K

Facts from the book “Making Numbers Count”

A million seconds is 12 days.

A billion seconds is 32 years.

If you won a million dollars lottery prize and spent $50,000 a day it would last 20 days.

If you won a billion dollar lottery prize

it would last 20,000 days or 54.8 years!

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