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Fran Karm 2 snares the first ever Biggest Moves Prize of $15 by going from 2,272 to 349, a move of 1,923 spots.

There is no way James Matuszak can not finish first as he holds an insurmountable  38 Point lead as the season winds down.

At the other end of the ice there will be a ferocious battle for Last Place where 4 Points separate three spots (excluding the Wayne Giza entry which has withdrawn). Going into the final games Lee W Smith 2 holds the bottom slot with 999. But awhile back Ryan Bricker recognized that, as he put it “I suck” so he dropped Patrick Kane and added the out for the season Nikita Kucherov in an attempt to finish last. His entry 1 is 1 Point off the pace at 1,000 Points while #3 has 1,003. 

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Some people have questioned why Jedd Gyorko, who is currently managing a team in a ‘prospects’ league, was included on the HR Derby 2021 Hitters List. Here’s how that happened.

The Hitters List is complied in mid-February to be released to Derbiers during the last week of the month. While it was known at that time Gyorko was not returning to Milwaukee, he was a viable Free Agent in talks with a few teams. 

Also know that I check with others when preparing the list and no one brought up the possibility that Gyorko, who had 9 HRs in 117 ABs for the Brewers (a mid 30s pace in a full campaign) would not be playing in 2021.

As can be seen by the dates in the provided clips from articles below, Gyorko, a very solid 3B, was still ‘in play’ in mid-April, a couple of weeks after the start of the season. Including him was reasonable. His inability to find a roster spot is unfortunate.

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