2,500 Entries




Socially Distant Derby

The uncertainty of mail delivery makes it impossible to know if more entries will arrive. But as of Saturday April 10 it appears we could be done. If so it looks like HRD2021 will be about 25% of what it was in the ‘Glory Days’ of a decade ago. 

It wasn’t expected to reach those lofty numbers, but there was a real belief that The Game would bounce back to the 5K level. It is disappointing to me that we barely got 1/2 way there.

From this point on time will be spent doing cleanup work. Matching checks that were mailed separately to entries that arrived without payment, trying to decipher unreadable sheets, checking same names from different people, etc. And the monumental task of maintaining email names so that a message can be sent when a final count is available.

Have fun and enjoy the season!

No Take Backs


A lot of former HR Derby participants are returning after last years questionable season. They are being joined by many Rookie Derbiers. So let’s all be clear on how the

One Time Only Pinch Hitter Replacement works.

During the season any hitter on your roster can be replaced for any reason. He does not have to be injured, sent to the minors, released, etc. You can just not like him anymore.

Replacements are effective on the Monday following the upcoming update as shown on the 2021 Reports Page.

You are credited with HRs hit by each player for the time they are active on your roster. The replacement player is yours for the remainder of the season. He is not just a fill in for the time a player may be injured.

So, if Hitter A is replaced by Hitter Z because Hitter A is injured, Hitter Z is your for the duration. If A comes back and hits 40 HRs and Z finishes with 30 you will have lost 10 HRs at seasons end.

Use the Player Replacement Form on the Contact Page to report transactions.

These moves are non-reversible.

Use this One Time Only Transaction wisely!

Hockey Points Reports

for GP thru  Sunday April 4

posted Monday April 5

Initial HR Derby Update

will be for Games Played

thru Sunday April 18

In 33 HR Derby years the closest I have ever come to winning a Prize is the season in which I finished 3rd from Last Place and came oh so  close to getting my Entry Fee back! But every year I, like everyone else, fantasizes about winning The Top Prize. So that Derbiers know my Picks were in on time I provide a copy for  all to see.

< Click the image for a copy of Wayne Giza’ HR Derby 2021 Picks