HRD 2022 Entry Sheet will be available online Saturday February 26

Entry Post-Mark Deadline Saturday April 2

One of the most requested additions to

The Derby is the ability to submit Picks online. Here’s why that is not possible…

that would require Credit Card payment

and that is NEVER going to happen!

It will be good to have a full season’s worth of stats available to compile

the HR DERBY 2022 Hitter List

2020 Stats




aThe intent of this prize was to keep entries in the lower ranks interested throughout the season. However some have objected to the possibility of an ‘also ran’ possibly winning BIG total dollars, even more than a sheet that finished in the Top Ranks. This year each Moves Prize earned $15. But the idea was if there were over 5K entries each period prize would be equal to $1 per date range covered. Minimum prize would be $15 (a ‘free’ entry) all the way up to $167 covering Opening Day to End of Season.

Since this was the first attempt at this prize there was really no way of knowing how it would play out. And not to pick on Daniel Szymczak, but with the expanded prize amounts he would have would well over $1,000. Some find that objectionable and I agree.

So if this prize is continued I propose the following change: The same entry could win multiple prizes across different Report periods. But no single entry could win multiple prizes during the same Report date range. If multiple date ranges are won that entry would only be awarded to highest dollar amount. For other date ranges the next Biggest Move would win. 

So in the case of Daniel this year, instead of winning 15 prizes he would have won 4, allowing several other players an opportunity to win.

Not sure if this will work out. Will give it some thought and am open to suggestions.

An alternative to the Biggest Moves Prizes

What do you think of adding a ‘secondary’ Derby for just the MLB Postseason Games? Not sure how it would work with a limited number of total games. All Derbiers would use the same hitters they had on their End of Season roster and be credited with the HRs hit by those players during the postseason. The Hitter Stats Page shows which players were involved for the 2021 Play-Offs. A specified percentage of the total HR Derby Prize Fund would be allocated to this game. It probably would not be enough to award numerous prizes, perhaps the Top 3 or 5. What do you think?



of the



Just as in the game of baseball, errors happen in HR Derby. Over the years a system has been developed that is nearly foolproof, but inevitably entry errors can happen.

So far this year two entries have reported discrepancies in the number of home runs they expected to have and what showed on a Report. In both cases it turns out a hitter entered was one column off. The most critical was a Luis Robert entry that should have been Kyle Schwarber.

Those two reported differences were out of 56,474 keystrokes. When conflicts are registered and verified the correction is made. If you see a difference it would be best to report it as early in the season as possible. If it is wrong in June it was wrong in April.

Of note: In 34 seasons so far only one person has reported that they were being credited with more HRs than they should have!

Even more remarkable was the person who notified me

that their $70 prize winning check was for $700 (a typo). This honesty was admirable and very much appreciated.

I didn’t think of it for this year but

Starting Next Season

a log of entry errors will be maintained which will register:

            Date error reported/discovered

            Entry name involved

            Incorrect Hitter involved

            Corrected Hitter

I am realistic enough to understand that

it is impossible to please everybody. 

That is obvious by the survey results!

And I know that whatever decisions will be made regarding the Pinch Hitter Rule and others will aggravate some, but I hope that even decisions

contrary to your feelings will not keep you

from returning in 2022. 

After all, thanks to a full season of play in 2021,

there will be an impressive stable of hitters

to choose from “Next Year!”

Persons who can not, or do not want to download the

HR DERBY 2022 Entry Sheet when it is available online

on February 26 must send an S.A.S.E. to:



PMB 135