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just provide your ‘add’ to try and build participation

there is no charge for this service

To play in the Next Round email full name and

twelve numbers from 1 to 69

Sample LOTTIERY email distributed twice a week

Aimed at the non-sports people out there this game uses twice weekly PowerBall Numbers to determine winners. Entries provide twelve numbers from 1 - 69. Following each Wednesday and Saturday PowerBall Drawing numbers are removed from players lists. The first entry to clear all twelve of their numbers is the winner. A typical ‘Round’ of play lasts from 10 - 12 PowerBall Draws over 5-6 weeks. The Cost to Play is $10 per Entry. Winnings are based on the number of entries, with the entry,    or entries, with the Most Numbers Left when a winner is 

determined ‘earning’ a FREE Future Round Entry with that $10 Entry Fee being deducted from that Rounds Total Dollars.Game is operated strictly by email. After players provide their twelve numbers they receive two emails a week, usually on Thursday and Monday mornings in which the previous PowerBall drawn numbers are removed from everybody’s lists.

Players are encouraged to be paid for the current Round being played and at least one additional Round.

Operated by Wayne Giza via email

basically HR derby for Hockey




per entry

In the past few years a couple of attempts have been made to run the Points Pool. The second season saw   the number of entries drop by nearly 1/3.

Despite my wife hoping I don’t…

If response is positive we may give it another go!

First Name

Last Name





These football related games are in doubt

depending on how the NFL Season progresses

This is a ‘classic’ 10x10 Square based on Bears games for the entire season.

You keep the same Square(s) for all games but numbers change each week. For the Bears BYE Week the Monday Night Game is used instead.

Payouts are half time and final score

with N/S/E/W touches for both.

Initially participation is offered to players from the previous season. But since the cost is increasing this season there may be Bear$quares available.

Last year the cost was $100 for the 17 Game Regular Season + Super Bowl. This year the cost will be $150   as the ten Play-Off Games will be added.

If you want to reserve a place in line in case

any Squares become available send an email.



This one was a tough sell last year and participation was limited. It is basically a Confidence Pool, with a twist. You only assign Points once before the start of the Season.

32 Points (Best) down to 1 (Worst). Whenever a team wins you accumulate the assigned Points. Season long prizes are awarded for Total Points. And if we can get around 100 entries Weekly Winners would likely get back their Entry Fee.

Some argued they did not like the “one time only” point assignment because they “did not know how good a team would be”. But that is the point! We all like to think we know football and can predict the eventual Super Bowl participants. This provides the chance to prove it.