Opening Day Thursday April 1

when all MLB teams are scheduled to play

With legalized sports wagering now being accessible just about everywhere, and

web/APP based challenges being prevalent, it is difficult to project where the Derby will fit in.

But here’s hoping for a bounce back season!

The official HR Derby 2021 Entry form will

be available online on Saturday February 27

Entry forms will not be mailed via USPS.

A message with be sent to registered email addresses. The rest of you will have to remember to check the site in late February.

Entries must be mailed, with check or money order, post-marked by Thursday April 1, 2021 entry deadline.

There will be no way to submit entries online.       Do not ask to email entries.

While a bounce back season can be anticipated for the Derby there is no way to predict how  many entries there could be. 

Starting in 2021, Season 34, the Entry Fee will be $15. Entry Fee will never be raised beyond $15.

$12 will be dedicated to yearly prizes. $2 will go towards Period Prizes. At this time it is undecided if those Period Prizes will be for each two week period when reports are issued or perhaps for four week periods.

Also starting in ’21 the Top Prize will be allocated $1 from each entry. And the ratio of Prizes will be one Position Prize for approximately every 30 entries. This Ratio is a little higher than usual but the addition of Period Prizes will offset the reduction. The Special ‘Babe’ and ‘Boob’ Prizes will continue to be awarded along with a new prize for Most Total ABs which will also be eligible to collect a Position Prize.

This might be a bit confusing, but here goes. This new prize will be awarded to the Biggest Move made by an entry during each calendar period during the season. These periods will overlap thru the entire season. The first period will start on Opening Day and extend until the second Sunday of the season. Then there will be a period from the next Monday until the Sunday two weeks later. And there will also be a period from Opening Day until the end of that second two week period. To make this a little easier to visualize here is a ‘map’ of date periods for the 2021 season.

2021 will be considered a test for

The Biggest Moves Prizes

will be unavailable to the top echelon entries.

The idea is to give the lower tier entries

a chance to win a prize and keep

more Derbiers involved thru the season.

The funds for these Prizes will be financed

from the $12 portion of the Entry Fees.

Dollar Amounts For Biggest Move Prizes

Fewer than 2,000 Entries

there will be no prizes.

2,000 - 4,999 Entries

each prize will be $15 to cover Entry Fee

(Season total of $1,365)

4,000+ Entries

the prize will equal the number

of days in the covered period (minimum $15

(Season total of $6,396)