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Just as in the game of baseball, errors happen in HR Derby. Over the years a system has been developed that is nearly foolproof, but inevitably entry errors can happen.

So far this year two entries have reported discrepancies in the number of home runs they expected to have and what showed on a Report. In both cases it turns out a hitter entered was one column off. The most critical was a Luis Robert entry that should have been Kyle Schwarber.

Those two reported differences were out of 56,474 keystrokes. When conflicts are registered and verified the correction is made. It would be best if you see a difference to report it as early in the season as possible. If it is wrong in June it was most likely wrong in April.

Of note: In 34 seasons so far only one person has reported that they were being credited with more HRs than they should have!

Even more remarkable was the person who notified me that their $70 prize winning check was for $700 (a typo). This honesty was admirable and very much appreciated.