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Thanks to everybody who included kind and encouraging comments, they are appreciated!


Oh No!

No Shohei!

For those asking “Why was Shohei Ohtani not on the list?” alleging they ‘knew’ he would be Ruthian this season… I hope you also bought Apple stock in the 1980s!

Write Ins were requested by many and have been since the inception of the game.

This is never going to happen. With the number of Entries the potential combinations of Write Ins would be countless.

It happens just about every season. A ‘proven’ slugger is not on the list because he had an off year, or suffered a season shortening injury. This year someone rebuked me for not including Arenado saying “You had to know he was going to have a big year!” Or there’s the young phenom (think Vlad Jr) who is due to have that bust out campaign.

The fact of the matter is it really doesn’t matter who is on the list. If the list consisted of middle of the pack 20 HR guys, instead of the league leaders, the object would be the same… pick the hitters from the available list who would hit the most this year!

Compiling the 2021 list presented unique challenges due to the shortened 2020 season.

Comments from

I miss the old simple way.

Enter and let it fall where it does.                                          …M.M., IL

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.   …R.G., IL

Simpler is better.                …E.W., PA

The beauty of the Derby was its simplicity.                    …K.Y., WI

Would be fine with going back to the old, simple rules. 

…E.P., IL                         

The more simple the better. I like the old rules better. Too many players to choose from.                              …M.L.,  IL                         

I’m sure not keeping it simple will lose many old timers.                            …J.Z.,  IL                         

HRD NOTE: No one is compelled to use any of the ‘complicated’ options!

Pinch Hitter Rule is a definite keeper.                                       …K.W., IL

Like the Pinch Hitter Rule. It adds another layer of strategy             …K.T., IL

Pinch Hitter Rule is great.           …T.P., IL

Drop the Pinch Hitter concept. Injuries happen.                                …K.K, IL

Like the one time PH rule. Puts a

little more strategy in The Derby.   

‍ …J.K., AZ                                                                                           


Forget all the hitter replacement rules.

Make your picks and live with them. There are no second chances in the lottery or at casinos.                                                                          …M.L.,  OH

Due to the many injuries, a Pinch Hitter pre and post All-Star break.

M.R., IL

With all the injuries we need two Pinch Hitters.

B.T., NV

HRD NOTE: For such total control of a roster perhaps these guys should investigate joining an actual Fantasy League. Of course that would be in addition to participating in The Derby!

I don’t like the Pinch Hitter Rule, but use it because it would put me at a disadvantage if I did not. Don’t count using it as liking it!                                                                       …D.C., AZ

Pick three hitters in each Group with only the Top Two counting towards season ending totals.                         …D.M., IL

HRD NOTE: This is a concept that has been pondered many times. I have been unable to build a formula that could accomplish this. It is easy enough to construct the formula to count just the top HR hitters in a Group, but At Bats must also be considered. The guy with the most HR does not always have the most ABs.

Maybe being able to make pick selections online.         …D.P., IL HRD: Not an option as this would then require accepting credit cards for payment and that is never going to happen.

It would be nice if you sent out email reminders like once a month.   …G.P., IL

HRD: Most people want fewer, not more, emails! Simply check the website every couple of weeks.

Payouts should go to only the Top 20. To finish in 80th Place and win $15 seems kinda silly.                            …R.O., IL

HRD: Since its inception the Derby has awarded a prize for approximately every 30 entries. In the early days those prize winning positions had a box drawn around them to differentiate them from the also rans. This came to be referred to as being  “In the Box” and was kind of a badge of honer for those who accomplished it.

One year a passionate Derbier suggested the game be “Winner takes all!”

I used the Pinch Hitter Rule to replace   a player early and then get screwed by Acuna going out for the season  …D.M., IL

HRD: First of all, how did you get screwed when you were able to replace the first injured hitter? There are two sides to this coin. When a heavily selected hitter who is having a good season goes down that impacts a lot of Derbiers and could wreck their chances. However, the other Derbiers who do not have that guy suddenly see their sheets get a boost by not having that guy. 

Screw the complainers. Make better picks.                …M.K., MN

It’s nice of you to even ask for opinions. But it is your game… you make the rules!                                                                      …R.J., MN

If two hitters go out for the season you get to replace them.                                                                   …B.L., IL

HRD: Impossible to regulate. Sometimes a player is announced out for the year and he returns sooner than expected. And players are hurt throughout the season so at what point would that ‘second’ injury kick in?