The first half of the season has brought numerous comments about the PINCH HITTER RULE. Most people like it, as evidenced by the more than 1,000 changes being registered.

But there are some Derbiers who do not care for it. One gang of players believes they would not play in the future because the Derby is getting to be too much like Fantasy Baseball.

There has also been some ‘discussion’ about the ROBIN RULE with some people thinking entries should not be allowed to replace a hitter who suffers a season threatening injury prior to Opening Day.

The BIGGEST MOVES Awards are

designed to keep Derbiers in the lower

ranks interested throughout the season.

However, some do not grasp the concept.

Do you think that is working?

I was surprised, and disappointed, by the low number of entries for HR Derby 2021 as I really expected to “bounce back” to around the 5,000 level. But now that I have experienced the workload of the Pinch Hitter Rule I am glad that did not happen!

I know I said the Cost To Play would never increase from this seasons first ever $15, that can not be true. The time consumed in maintaining Pinch Hitters has been excessive.

In all it takes about 6 minutes to do all the work involved from retrieving, responding and printing out emails; maintaining the Pinch Hitter Lists; entering each transaction in to the data base. That means for the 1,000+ PH registered at the season half way point over 100 hours have been needed.

Then there are the actual dollar costs to operate the derby: The annual fee for the mailbox in the UPS store; the costs to maintain the website; at the end of the season it costs $1 per prize winning check to be generated/mailed. And now there is the minimal, yet unavoidable, cost for the paper to print out (and file) all those hundreds of Pinch Hitter emails.

Here are the options for “Next Year”

Option 1: Keep the Entry Fee at $15 and I take $1.50 from each. This is not my preferred solution because it reduces the available Total Prize Fund.

Option 2: Keep the Entry Fee at $15 and I take an additional $10 per PERSON (not Entry). This year there were 1,256 unique names accounted for the 2,567 total entries.

Option 3: Keep the Entry Fee at $15 and at the end of the season I take and additional $1 per Pinch Hitter Transaction recorded. This is the least ‘favorite’ option because those dollars must come form out of the Prize Fund. The idea would be to deduct the required amount equally from the Top 10 (or more) Position Prizes.

Options 1 / 2/ 3 would all reduce the Total Prize Fund.

The final option would significantly

increase the available dollars.

Option 4: Raise the Entry Fee to $20 and I take $2 from each. People may balk at an increase, but over the full season that comes out to about 75¢ per week.

The remaining $18 would be allocated as follows: $14 would go towards Position and standard Special Prizes (Babe, Boob, Most ABs, etc.) with the other $4 dedicated to Session Prizes.

This increase would boost the Total Prize Fund and possibly expand the quantity of Prizes Awarded while doing the same to the Session Prizes.

One of these things must happen

or there might not be a “Next Year”!





I don’t care one way or the other how you vote. The reason you are asked to provide name information is to limit people to one submission.

That means people with multiple entries will get just one vote.

People who did not play in 2021 are welcome to participate in this survey.








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Pinch Hitter Transactions

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